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i'm anne makovec. new details in the "fishing boat accident" that left one man dead... and several missing in mexico. good afternoon. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm anne makovec. new details in the fishing boat accident that left one man dead and several missing in mexico.
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the boat went down in a storm sunday in mexico's search cortez south of san felipe. the boat was ordered to skip the trip, one person saying the mexican police said could the captain not to leave because of the upcoming storm. a c-130 is heading to mexico from sacramento to assist in the search. this is the second help in the search. there are a total of seven missing men from the boat. four are pictured here. russell a berkeley man is one of the survivors of the boating accident. gary wong was on the trip with his brother when the boat capsized. >> we paddled with our hands.
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we found a little icebox, a little ice chest. we used it for a paddle. the rest of us using hands that paddle all the way to shore. but we're in water over 14 hours. >> wong and eight other men health on a life ring until rescue. wong's brother brian is still missing this afternoon. the mexican navy says the search will last for at least four days before declaring all seven missing men dead and today could be the final day of that search. we will continue to monitor the searches and give you the latest updates on some developing news in marin county where 11 homes have been evacuated after pg&e's crew hit a gas main pipe there. the homes are on lancaster avenue. no injuries reported at this time. that's good news. crews are expected to have that gas leak capped in about an hour. more murders, fewer police officers. >> they all add up to a huge challenge for oakland's police chief. how to provide public safety in
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the face of budget cuts. >> kristy seifkin on the plan to reorganize the police department. kristy, what are they saying this morning? >> reporter: well, it seems like every two years the oakland plymouth is presenting another method for reorganizing to make the most of limited resources in this high crime area. and today, anthony batts went before us at a press conference and said he has a new plan. he said that he had seen redundancies within the oakland police department and wants to make officers generallyists instead of specialists. -- generalists instead of specialists. he says crime is on the rise and the oakland police department doesn't have the capacity to deal with the number of homicide investigations which are much higher than in other cities. so what he has done is propose a criminal investigation unit -- there is one that separate units for homicide, robbery and assault and the new plan is to make 22 officers who will span across the three categories not just one. additionally he plans for opd to split its bureau of field
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operations into two separate bureaus and each bureau will have its own deputy chief police officer so they are better able to serve the unique needs of each bureau. he also proposed the chief lead a standards and complaints unit and stressed the importance of residents giving tips to the police saying how important those are especially in recent months and helping to solve crimes. officers having a community philosophy, also. >> one of the things i have been sharing with officers is that i expect and demand that they get out of their police cars at least four hours a week during the workweek. i want them walking into business areas. i want them talking to business owners and walking into communities and speaking to residents. >> batts also pointed out they have now created a risk management bureau to make sure the opd stays in compliance. there have been issues with the federal courts that they have been dealing with for several years for not being in compliance and a big change that residents will see in the
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coming months. no more motorcycles here, no more motorcycle cops in oakland. they will be in community cars making sure they have a presence in the community. you may recall from last week when the budget what approved for oakland that 22 officers will be getting their jobs back and batts plans to put 22 positions, not specifically those officers, 22 positions on summertime when crime rates are higher. >> thank you, kristy seifkin live in oakland. thank you. today authorities are reaching out to witnesses in that deadly bart shooting to review any cell phone video from the scene. three days after the shooting officers are still yet to release the name of the man killed by a bart officer. according to bart, cameras caught a partial view of the shooting at the serving center station. bart says the man was drunk and was acting aggressively carrying a broken bottle and a knife when two officers initially on the scene was carrying a taser but he didn't
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use it. now a man who swiped a picasso who may have been caught on tape stealing a picasso from a gallery. lot ofy o'doul's relosed this surveillance video from the day of the theft around the same time the artwork disappeared. you can see the man there on the right of your screen walking by the bar with some sort of piece of art under his arm. officers say the thief walked into the weinstein gallery on geary street yesterday morning, stole a sketch by pablo picasso right off the wall and took off in a taxicab. it is a 1965 work called "tete de femme." it's only about the size of a piece of paper but it's worth about $200,000. the gallery says it may be difficult to sell now that the crime is all over the news. but they do hope that the thief doesn't destroy it. a looming showdown on capitol hill. tomorrow president obama will meet with congressional leaders over that debt ceiling problem right. now, the president is taking questions on jobs and the economy on twitter. these are live pictures from
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the white house as he looks to the twitter town hall meeting. he kicked it off by tweeting, in order to reduce the deficit what costs would you cut and what investments you would keep? mr. obama supports a debt reduction plan that includes spending cuts and increased taxes. imagine launching a video chat with one click. that's one of facebook's new features announced an hour ago. anser hassan reports with the tools that facebook is called awesome. anser, was it awesome? >> reporter: it was awesome. yeah. mark zuckerberg the billion- dollar face of facebook made his way to the front of the cafeteria in his traditional jeans and t-shirt and he said, quote, those of how have been using facebook for the past five years, that chapter is done. he is saying today is launch season 2011. today's big announcement video chatting using skype technology. zuckerberg says for the past
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six months, they have been working hard taking social media to a whole new level. he says video chatting will make facebook dramatically different and it seems pretty easy. a user can connect with a friend, you click on the video chat button. the screen pops up and that's it. you're video chatting. facebook says it will be powerful. facebook has over 750 million users who can now connect with skype video which is the global leader in this technology and just think of those who can benefit. for example, military families who are in different parts of the world and it could be a big boost for small businesses, especially since the technology is so simple. >> imagine all the people you have access to on facebook all your friends and family that you want to connect with? how hard it would be to kind of call them on the phone and get them to set up the right video calling technology. now it's super easy. that's why skype wanted to work with us to get to the biggest audience possible. >> reporter: now, facebook says it was better for them to join
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with skype rather than build this technology from scratch. there will be lots of fun snuff to roll out in coming weeks also so facebook users, heads up. sounds like this is just the beginning. anne, frank? >> it is very interesting. my first thought was why is this different from just using skype in and of itself? but i suppose the difference is that you have the access to your friends. i don't have all might have friends' phone numbers. do you find that to be the case? >> reporter: well, i think what's also interesting is that a lot of people have to download skype technology. they may not who to use it. so if you are not tech savvy, this system will walk you through it. you press the button and bottom, it's done. >> all right. we'll just see if we can get my parents involved. that will be the real test. thanks, anser hassan. still ahead here at noon, casey anthony could go home a free woman tomorrow. >> what an alternate juror says about the panel's tough decision. coming up. and a warning for pet owners. a common food ingredient that could kill your dog. we'll be right back.
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a jury found her "not guilty" in tomorrow. a jury found her "not guilty" in er of her two year o casey anthony could be a free woman as early as tomorrow. >> the jury found her not guilty in the murder of her 2- year-old daughter yesterday. and tomorrow, she will be sentenced. karen brown has the latest from florida. >> reporter: casey anthony would be free in 24 hours. a jury of 7 women and 5 men cleared her of murder. while the panel decided not to explain their decision, an alternate juror believes it was
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all some sort of horrific accident. >> they didn't prove that there was a murder. >> reporter: russell heckler was juror number 14. he says after more than a month of testimony, the prosecution did not prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. >> they didn't show us how caylee died and that was important. no one could answer that. >> reporter: anthony was convicted for lying to police. she has been in jail for nearly three years so many experts think the judge will set her free tomorrow for time served. >> if you stack everything on top with four years she will probably get out on time spent. >> reporter: the prosecution admits it is disappointed and so are many of the trial watchers from all around the country that flocked to the courthouse every day. the verdict sparked strong emotions. >> she can run but she can't hide. god will get her! >> that poor little girl has to have justice. somebody murdered that child. >> reporter: the defense
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claimed casey anthony's father staged a cover-up after caylee accidentally drowned in the family swimming pool. casey's parents left the courtroom right after the verdict. in a written statement, they called their daughter's defense strategy baseless but said the jury's decision was fair based on the evidence. karen brown, cbs news, orlando, florida. an attorney for anthony's parents say they have received death threats since the verdict came in yesterday. they are asking the public for privacy. right now, jury selection under way in the roger clemens perjury trial. the former pitcher arrived in washington this morning for day two of his trial. clemens is accused of lying under oath in the 2008 congressional hearing when he denied taking steroids. some big names in baseball may be called to testify in the trial including wade boggs and david cohn. the 2018 website will go to asia.
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>> pyeongchang. >> the anticipation there was killing me! >> the international olympic committee choosing the south korean city to stage the 2018 olympics. the committee made that announcement slowly as you saw. today in south africa. pyeongchang defeated annecy in france and munich germany. it's the first korean city to ever host the winter games. >> i think they had the summer games in seoul in '88. next travelers stayed grounded following a 50-mile- wide dust storm. >> and even small doses can be dangerous. the common sugar substitute that could kill your dog. skies now mostly sunny around the bay area. high pressure is weakening. some cooler air on the way. we'll tell you when coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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weather-wise if you loved yesterday you will like today more. >> i loved it. so it sounds good. >> i think a little more comfortable. it has been very hot around the bay area. looks like those temperatures are going to start heat up inland. if you look in the distance you might see patchy fog that's worked its way inside the golden gate. not much compressed right down to the
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surface. only 55 in pacifica with fog. all these temperatures will drop around the bay area. for this afternoon, though, still very hot inland. some temperatures well into the 90s in the hottest spots inland. 60s, 70s and 80s into fremont, 90s into the san jose area. some 60s at the coastline. you get the idea that patchy fog will march further and further onshore. that will be the big story over the next few days. subtropical moisture over the sierra nevada. some thunderstorms up there. it's going to be hot in many spots inland. 92 morgan hill, 89 in milpitas. 82 degrees in san mateo. 60s at the coast. east bay numbers up into the 70s and 80s around the bay, mid-
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90s in the valleys. about 90 in benicia and 95 in fairfield, 86, sunny in petaluma. we are done with 100s over the next few days but hot in the valleys. tomorrow cooler. toward the weekend the trough will drop into the bay area bringing with it more low and cooler temperatures. it's going to be like a breath of fresh air after the hot 100s, cooler into the weekend. guys, back to you. >> all right. thank you. veterinarians have issued a warning about a popular sweetener. the sweetener is called xylitol. it is as sweet as sugar but with a third of calories interest. dr. kim mulvihill explains how one bay area pet lover found out how it is not good for dogs. >> reporter: four years ago, a corgi found a new home in san jose and the puppy grew into a member of the family. >> he was a very well cared for pet. >> reporter: however, this was
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billy a few days ago hook up to ivs and a catheter. the dog severely ill with liver failure and internal bleeding. >> when he actually presented to us, he had been bleeding in the armpit and in the eyes. >> reporter: according to his owner he had gotten into a grocery back and ate several packs of sugar-free gum. the gum contains a sweetener called xylitol, which is used in many products even toothpaste n humans it's considered safe. but in dogs, xylitol can be toxic. despite five days of intensive care he had so much damage to his organs he couldn't be saved. he was euthanized, his other than heartbroken. veterinary specialist dr. heidi mcclain says dog owners need to not danger. >> i personally would never buy gunman with xylitol because i have dogs and if i leave a pack in my car or a pack in my house, just would never want my own dog get into it.
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>> reporter: reports of xylitol poisonings, while small, are on the rise. since 2006, calls to the national animal poison control center have tripled. makers of this gum urge pet owners to keep sugar-free products away from their pets. billy's other than wishes she had known. >> to the doctor that helped her when she came in, i can't believe this. i had no idea. why isn't there a warning on the label? >> reporter: dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. >> yikes. if you think your dog may have eaten xylitol call the pet immediately and keep those products out of their reach. the former star of "two and a half men" isn't finished embarrassing himself on tv. he is about to let others do it for him. coming up next, charlie sheen's latest plan. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, today's tip of the day is going to be is summertime asparagus. a lot is locally grown and coming into the market. i'd rather buy fresh than imported. you can tell, these are fresh. feel that? you squeeze in a, look at that. when you buy them, green interest top to bottom. this is a perfect -- green from top to bottom. hardly any white whatsoever. store them in the refrigerator right away and enjoy them two
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or three days. inside here it will decay and believe me it gives out an aroma you don't like so make sure it smells and feels fresh. in the refrigerator when you get it home. i like it just like this or on the grill, very simple, oil, salt and pepper, and that's it for about 30 seconds just turn it around, ah! just can't beat it. nutritional value out of this world. and i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. i get a side of asparagus this time year, doesn't get much better than this. ciao! >> all right, tony. thanks. it looks like a fog bank but it's actually called a haboob. it blew across arizona. it was a huge dust storm about 50 miles wide. the visibility was so bad the faa stepped in and stopped flights from heading to phoenix for a while yesterday. coming up tonight at 5:00, a sign of the times. the change that could soon come to school history books. >> and think your eating
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healthy? the misleading labels found on organic food. that and more at 5:00. charlie sheen going to get his replacement on "two and a half men" a little competition. comedy central a show called roast and sheen volunteered to be the subject of a roast the same night ashton kutcher replaces charlie sheen on "two and a half men." sheen was fired this year. >> comedy central says nothing is off limits. >> caption colorado, llc ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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